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The Crow - Eric Draven by Arwen111
The Crow - Eric Draven
Here is my version of The Crow. It is not done, yet. Because I plan to do a background. It has got a little bit of traditional art. I've decided to mix the methods of drawing . It is kind of great this wayEnjoy :)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: Varna, Bulgaria
Favourite genre of music: rock, heavy metal, classic, opera
Favourite photographer: Don't have one
Favourite style of art: fantasy,gothic, Marvel, Disney
Operating System: windows 7 ultimate
Favourite cartoon character: Beetlejuice, Spider-man
   Hello, everybody :wave: . I saw this test from :iconthe-cerzz: . It is very interesting. It will help you to figure out the what kind of a personality one of your characters has. I will choose Evelyn Evelyn Reese Richardson by Arwen111

( ) They are possessed by an angel 

( ) They are possessed by a demon

( ) They are part Werewolf/Vampire/Fairy

( ) They are physically strong 

(x) They have a rare fur/quill/hair colour - Cherry Red. According to me this color is not very common.  

( ) They're eyes are an unusual colour 

( ) They're eyes are red 

( ) They're eyes change colour 

( ) They have wings 

(x) They can shapeshift - Only by changing clothes and wear some make-up for the situation   

( ) They are immortal 

( ) (female) They have large bra size 

( ) (male) They are muscular 

( ) They are very attractive to the opposite gender 

( ) They have telekinetic powers

(x) They have a sixth sense

( ) They have an object of some sort that gives them powers 

( ) They have a special power that they don't know about  

( ) They are bestowed/cursed by these powers - I think

( ) They are from a rich family

(x) They have lost one/both parents - Both 

(x) They ran away from home - She runs away so often she could be considered nomadic

( ) Their parents are uncaring/abusive  

( ) They witnessed their parents death 

( ) They never knew their parents

( ) They were abused/spoiled as a child

( ) They are very attractive to the same gender 

( ) They have lots of friends/no friends - Just the one

(x) They are emo/cute - She is cute :) 

(x) They look much older/younger than usual - Younger 

(x) They are currently in a relationship 

( ) They have lots of morals

( ) They have a mental disorder  

( ) They have an emotional disorder 

( ) They struggle to say sane

( ) They are a psycho  

( ) They have multiple personalities 

(x) They are very intelligent 

( ) They have hallucinations 

( ) They can summon angels/demons/etc.  

( ) They have an unusual/strange pet

( ) They have a guardian spirit 

( ) They have a special type of soul

( ) They're soul is not the same as them 

(x) They can speak to spirits/ghosts 

( ) Some part of they're body glows - Eyes

( ) They have a rare/unusual name 

( ) They were born on an unusual date

( ) They have a twin/sibling that was separated from them at birth 

( ) They are connected to an element

( ) They are connected to a spirit

( ) They look quite a bit like a TV character 

( ) They are a rare/powerful species that is often misunderstood 

( ) They have a power that is misunderstood/feared 

(x) They have lived on the streets at some point 

(x) They are hiding from someone/something 

( ) They have a rare blood type

( ) They cry blood  

( ) Certain situations can make them have a nervous break down

(x) They are from a different country than where they now live

( ) They are mysterious/dark

(x) They are very lively/happy 

( ) Their mood changed easily

(x) They are very patient 

( ) They are from a long line of 

( ) They have a piece of clothing they always wear 

( ) They have amnesia

( ) They have some sort of permanent medical condition

( ) They are cursed  

( ) They are involved in some sort of prophecy 

( ) They are the 'Chosen One'

( ) They have insomnia

Take away points if they:





-Enjoy bullying people

-Easily angered 


Final Score: 15 

0-5 Your character could be considered boring. Don't be afraid to 'spice up' their personality or pasts.

*6-15 Your character is pretty balanced. If you change your character at all, be sure to think if it'll affect how others feel about them though.* 

16-24 Your character is about border-line, so try cutting down on the drama moments if you can 

25-26 Your character is probably mega ANNOYING. If he/she is perfect, than you NEED to pull out at least 4 of the things you checked on this list.
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